Gold Star Holsters is proud to offer an affordable line of Concealed Carry handbags. With function and fashion in mind, the entire collection of handbags with practical features including a separate concealed carry compartment that securely conceals handguns in a safe, yet accessible manner.


Picture of Ali


                          Concealed Crossbody
Picture of Aura


Emperia Outfitters Realtree studded concealed carry satchel


Picture of Cindy


            Concealed Carry hobo backpack
Picture of Dina


                       Lock Concealed Carry Satchel
Picture of Edith


Bing Buckle Concealed Carry Cross Body In Realtree Xtra With Faux Leather



Picture of Gwyneth


Realtree Concealed Carry Tote in Realtree Xtra and black faux leather
Picture of Hailey


                 Realtree Concealed Carry Hobo


Picture of Jasmine


                       Concealed Carry Hobo
Picture of Jenn


                       Concealed Hobo/Backpack


Picture of Mia


                        Lock Concealed Satchel
Picture of Morgan


                Realtree Cocnealed Carry Satchel
Picture of Olivia


                 Studded Concealed Satchel
Picture of Ophelia


                  Studded Concealed Tote


Picture of Roxie


               Dual Buckle Concealed Crossbody
Picture of Sophia


                    Concealed Carry Satchel