Our patented (U.S.Patent 9,340,164 B2) Under the Steering Column holster is one you won’t find anywhere else! This holster fits in about 90-95% of the vehicles in America. It is made of all Kydex and attaches under your steering column with two clips and hook/loop. We have an installation video which you will find on this website.

The entire install takes less than a minute and can be completed without the use of any tools!

When utilizing Kydex for the holster you get a custom fit holster made for your gun. This ensures that the weapon stays in the holster until it is drawn.

This Kydex holster is made to fit tightly to your vehicle and will not sag down with the weight of the handgun, nor will your gun rattle as it does in your center console or in your door. This holster is meant to be a palm extraction, as if you were holding your hand out to receive money. This allows you to SAFELY and SECURELY extract the firearm and be in the ready position.  At first, some people find this unusual or unnatural; however, after many hours of review we have found this to be a very natural movement to draw your handgun. This holster makes the weapon very accessible while in a seat belt, as well as getting in or out of the vehicle.

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