Gold Star Holsters Expands Product Line for NAA Firearms

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Gold Star Holsters Expands Product Line for NAA Firearms

 Nixa, Missouri – February 23, 2016 – Gold Star Holsters is pleased to announce its expansion of holsters now available for 10 different models of North American Arms firearms. Last year Gold Star Holsters developed the “Mini Revolution”, originally designed solely for the 22 Magnum NAA Mini Revolver. What makes the “Mini Revolution” unique is the utilization of a knife clip to attach the holster; this design has a hard shell of kydex that covers the entire barrel, front sight as well as the trigger of the firearm, giving the appearance of a pocketknife rather than a firearm. This year they expanded the holster line to complete the full range of NAA Mini Revolvers.

In addition, Gold Star Holsters is adding the NAA Pug and Black Widow for many different holster applications. As well as the Guardian 32 ACP and 380 are now available for: Inside-The-Waistband, Outside-The-Waistband, OPTI-Carry, and Boot holsters.

Gold Star Holsters founder is a 24-year veteran of the US Navy/Navy Reserves and believes whole-heartedly in the United States Constitution. The Second Amendment gives US citizens the right to keep and bear arms. This right affords law-abiding citizens the right to self-defense, which, in most states, includes the right to concealed carry.

All holsters are made gun specific to ensure a proper fit for comfort and safety. Gold Star Holsters are very reasonable yet still competitive in pricing. For more information about Gold Star Holsters products and to see all of the holsters they manufacture for over 250 firearms, please visit or call (417) 413-1922.

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