Gold Star Holsters Gives You Perfect Retention



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Gold Star Holsters Gives You the Perfect Retention


Nixa, Missouri – April 10, 2018– Gold Star Holsters is proud to announce the redesign of all holsters that would benefit from a retention screw. The latest design accommodates the individual user to adjust their holsters retention to their desired personal preference. The retention screw will not affect the comfort or fit of the holster as it is worn, only how the firearm is gripped by the holster. Gold Star Holsters remains to be the most comfortable holster you will ever wear.


“One can benefit from a retention screw in their holster for a couple of reasons. Every person’s body shape and size are different. This can affect how the holster grips the firearm while holstered. In addition, due to the uniqueness of Gold Star Holsters customizations of add on lights and lasers it can be difficult to achieve the individuals preferred retention. It is for these specific reasons that we have decided to redesign our holsters to include a retention screw on each holster (excluding the Bra Holster, Mini Revolution and Pocket Protector) so that our customer may adjust and carry with the amount of retention that they are comfortable with.” – Trevor Pickett, President


All holsters are made gun specific to ensure a proper fit for comfort and safety. Gold Star Holsters are very reasonably priced, with products starting at $41.75, carrying a lifetime warranty. For more information about Gold Star Holsters products, please visit or call (417) 413-1922.

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