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In the Waistband (IWB) concealed carry holsters for both men and women are the most comfortable holsters you will ever wear. IWB holsters are intended for deep concealment. All of our IWB holsters are manufactured with the combat cut standard at no additional charge.

  • Which hand do you draw and fire your firearm with?

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In The Waistband (IWB) holster is the most comfortable holster you will ever wear. IWB holsters are intended for deep concealment and are comfortable for everyday use. Our In The Waistband holsters are a combination of Hermann Oak Leather and Kydex. The holster attaches to your pants or belt utilizing two clips. Our IWB holsters are manufactured with a standard combat cut, resulting in the firearm being held tightly to the body. This prevents printing while providing maximum comfort. The firearms position of the holster is standard with a 15-degree cant. The firearm will be in an ergonomic position for your hand and arm as you reach back to draw. Therefore bringing the hand grip of the firearm into your back rather than pointing outward for others to see.

Our leather has five adjustable holes that enable you to adjust the cant and ride height to make it the perfect fit for you. For your safety the Kydex covers the entire trigger guard, front sight, and muzzle of the handgun. All of this provides rapid draw with maximum concealment.
The most comfortable position to wear the IWB Holster for right handed is the 4-5 o’clock position or 7-8 o’clock position for left handed. To achieve this placement place the first clip at the side seam of your pants. IWB holster comes in standard black but is available in multiple colors.

What is Kydex?

Kydex is a thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride whose construction gives the plastic rigidity while also allowing it to be molded into various shapes. Engineered for thermoforming fabrication, it combines the properties of the acrylic (rigidity and formability) and the polyvinyl chloride (durability and chemical resistance) components. Kydex holsters tend to offer durability, strength and overall better retention than its injection-molded counterpart. Kydex holsters are virtually maintenance-free. If a Kydex holster gets dirty or dusty, you wash it off and wipe it down. Kydex holsters are ready to use right away; they don’t have a “break-in”period. They will maintain the desired shape over a lifetime of use.

What is Hermann Oaks Leather?

Hermann Oak Leather uses Veg Tanning, a process called traditional tanning, made from tree bark, works like a wood stain, preserving the natural look of the leather while adding depth to the color. While this process is labor intensive and more expensive than other tanning methods, it produces leather that is dense, sturdy, holds its shape and is light-weight after oiling. Hermann Oak Leather is one the best in the world! Most holster manufactures do not use this high quality of leather, but we feel it is important for the most comfortable holster.

MADE IN THE USA – by Veteran Owned Business with Veteran Employees


To upgrade your clips, check out our Polymer clip!

Additional information

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 3 in


  1. In the Waistband Holster 
    We ordered the custom in the waistband holster with camo/military type pattern for our Smith Wesson 9 mil and it has worked out fantastic! Had previously ordered our sons through here also and will be ordering more! 

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  2. Best IWB Holster I’ve Owned 
    I bought this holster for my Sig 1911 and I love it. So much more comfortable and easier to use than any other holster I’ve every tried (and I’ve tried a lot before I got this one). I would highly recommend this holster and Gold Star Holsters. 

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  3. Best Inside the Waistband 
    The best tuckable IWB holsters for the money. That includes both that I purchased. 

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  4. excellent holster 
    I recently purchased this IWB holster for a Ruger SR9C that I just bought. When I picked it up, the gun fit perfectly in it. The problem I ran into, which was my own fault, was that when I tried it out at the shop I did not have a round chambered in the gun, and this model has a rather large “chambered indicator” that sticks up on the top of the slide. With a round chambered it would not fit correctly into the holster. A simple short trip to the shop and 5 minutes later Trevor had the holster modified to fit my gun perfectly.
    Like I said, excellent holster. But even better customer service! 

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  5. Very nice holster 
    Very happy with all 3 holsters i have. Great customer service. Very helpful.

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  6. Great Very Comfortable 
    Quality Holster!

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  7. Diesel Repair Shop Owner 
    The IWB holster is the most comfortable IWB i’ve ever used. It fits well and the tab on top makes for a sure grip of the handgun when reaching behind.

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  8. IWB HOLSTER FULL, Small of the back 
    When I first talk to the owners, I told them how I wanted my holster. They explained in detail how the holster is made and how to use it. They were only selling me a 45.00 holster but treated me like I was giving them a million dollars. These people care and understand the needs of people who support the right to carry and bear arms. Defiantly American Craftsmanship at its best. 

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  9. ITW holster 
    Very pleased with both in the waistband holsters I have purchased. Also the pocket holster. All holsters are well made, secure the firearm securely and very comfortable to wear. Will continue to purchase future holsters from Gold Star.
    Thank for a great product. 

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  10. IWB brown leather KAHR CW9 mm holster 
    This is my favorite of all my IWB holsters. The cut on the leather protects the gun slide release from digging into my skin but allows my draw hand to get to the gun easily and quickly. Very comfortable, very well made. Excellent fit of kyodex to my gun. 

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  11. black leather IWB Springfield Armory XD-9 
    This holster fits very well and remains very concealed. Its extremely comfortable even when sitting in my truck or on my motorcycle. Good stiff leather and excellent kyodex fit to my gun.

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  12. Outstanding Quality 
    These are some of the finest holster’s I have ever purchased. A really thought out holster, very comfortable, once it’s broke in you won’t even know your carrying. And great people to deal with on top of that. 

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  13. Great Holster 
    The holster I purchased from Gold Star is my main carry holster, therefore it gets a lot of use. It is very comfortable and secure. I have no problems with drawing, and no problems with the firearm slipping out. My only slightly negative view of this holster is that it doesn’t conceal the weapon as good as some others I have. When I discussed the effectiveness of the conceal with the makers I was informed that the holster forced the grips of the weapon to be pulled against the wearer’s side, however on my side it protrudes out away from my body no matter what angle I wear the holster at on my waistband. To compensate for that I simply wear really baggy clothes or a jacket over it to conceal its shape better. After all I am carrying a compact .45 acp so there will me some evidence that it is there no matter what. Overall, I am very pleased with this custom holster, even though I was leery to buy one at first. I would recommend them to anyone who is needing an every day carry holster. 

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  14. Outstanding Holster… 
    The quality of this IWB holster is second to none, and I have a couple different IWB holster’s. I was surprised how comfortable it is once I got it broke in, which took a couple days of constant wearing. Ordered on Friday morning, and it was shipped Friday eve, arrived Monday afternoon, talk about service. No problems while riding my hardtail either, weapon stays put. This truly is an outstanding CCW holster for my Kahr CW40, thanks man, job well done. I will be back. 

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  15. Great Holster!!!! 
    Just returned from A camping trip and my Holster was on the doorstep. I have had it on for about 1 1/2 hours. This Holster is the most comfortable one I have by far! I have other IWB Holsters, But this tops them right out of the box. Looks like another is in the future. This Holster is for my Sig SP2022. Less than 1 week delivery.
    Thanks Trevor 

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  16. Could not be more satisfied 
    Wanted to thank Trevor for a fantastic product. Very good material and workmanship. Only 2 days from order to completion. I really do not know how he could have done a better job. I WILL be back for any future needs. 

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  17. Off Duty Concealment 
    I have been a police officer for seven years and have not been able to locate a comfortable concealed holster to wear off duty. I have had my IWB holster from Gold Star Holsters for about two weeks now and could not be more pleased. It is so comfortable to wear that I do not even notice it during my everyday activities. I have been recommending Gold Star Holsters to everyone at my department. 

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  18. Great CCW holster 
    I just purchased this holster for my Taurus 605 revolver and I can already tell I am going to love it. Being left handed, it is almost impossible to find a good holster for and of my handguns. I contacted Trevor about this and he took great care of me. The turnaround time is amazing, and I could not be more pleased with the quality, ease of use, and overall appearance of this holster.
    I WILL be ordering one for my Ruger P95 very soon. 

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  19. thumps77 
    Have tried paddle type’s and other holsters, but were very uncomfortable. Then I got a Goldstar waistband holster, very comfortable. When I travel my gun does not dig into my side and I don’t have to keep adjusting it. Easy to remove my gun when needed. Would recommend this holster for everyone with conceal carry. And that they donate to wounded warrior is a plus. 

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  20. Sig p238 
    I have had my Gold Star (inside waist band) Holster for over two weeks and have worn it every day morning to night. I have used other holsters but this is the one I will be wearing from now on. It has excellent quality and workmanship and is extremely comfortable to wear. I am on the road a lot and from time to time, I would have to reposition other holsters to find a semi-comfortable position. Not this Gold Star; Put it in position when you get dressed and you won’t need to touch it again. The retention is perfect; stays put regardless of what I’m doing put is easy to draw. The price is right and I had it in my hands in three days (not 45 or 60 days). I could not be more satisfied. 

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  21. IWB Glock 27 
    After years of buying holsters I finally found the right holster. I have tried many holsters over the years but now I have the most comfortable holster to carry concealed. I ride a Harley almost everyday or drive a Jeep and now I am comfortable and not worring about my Glock profiling and almost forget I am carrying.
    My fianc’e just got her concealed and we have ordered her a purse holster and its pink. She is excited and I feel better that she will be safer with the holster.
    Thanks for a great holster and I am spreading the word to my friends.
    Hooah ! 

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  22. Ruger LC9 and S&W 637 
    I bought 2 CCH holsters. The one for the LC9 fits great and has a poitive snap when I put the gun into it. The same for the S&W J frame. I love them both, great comfort. Thbe one for the J Frame won’t fit my 360PD, but it has a HiViz orange dot front sight. I guess that is why they are custom fit. All and All they are excellent, and just as comfortable as my Galco King Tut. Highly RECOMMEND and can’t beat the price. 

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  23. So much nicer than the metal 
    Feels more secure! I got a set of Polymer In-The-Waistband clip for my IWB and they are great!

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  25. Was this review helpful to you?
  26. Amazing holster, perfect fit and so comfortable, I forgot I was carrying! Thank you, great job on the add ons, has perfect tension. Carry is a Sig P365 foxtrot flashlight 12 round extended magazine. I am wearing a tight shirt on a not so trim guy. This is definitely best hoster yet!

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    Image #2 from Scott T.
    Image #3 from Scott T.
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  27. Fits Great!

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  29. Was this review helpful to you?
  30. Was this review helpful to you?
  31. WELL worth the price!!

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